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Cory has taken piano learning on the internet to a new level. His inspiring and thoughtful way of presenting theory, exercises, and music is spot on. Even the exercises he presents are pieces of beautiful music which makes them a pleasure to work on. I would recommend anyone looking for a comprehensive method and approach to learning piano to try out "The Well-Rounded Pianist."


"The Well-Rounded Pianist" is a marvelous course. It opens the door to new ideas, such as keyboard harmony and Bach chorales, valuable piano exercises, and new pieces, such as Scarlatti. Thank you, Dr. Hall!


I love "The Well-Rounded Pianist" and its entire pedagogy. It makes a lot of sense to spend time building sight-reading skills using chorale excerpts and hymns. I've been practicing with "Sight-Reading & Harmony" and the accompanying videos for about 8 months, focusing on scales and sight-reading at Grade 1. I feel I am progressing well with both and that in a couple months I will be ready to move on to Grade 2.


I bought "Sight-Reading & Harmony" and I've been using it for a few days now and I can already feel that my sight-reading skills are improving and reading has actually become fun.I love the idea of moving to higher grades over time. It would be awesome if I could one day consider myself a Grade 8 student!


I’m an adult learner aged 54. I heard Claudio Arrau could read piano music before words. For this adult it’s a rather arduous process so I purchased "Sight Reading & Harmony" to improve my sight reading, as there are very few if any books that address this topic. I would not have bought the book if I hadn’t seen Cory’s video where he runs through the book for some 12 minutes and explains all the sections. It’s this meticulousness and attention to detail that I love about his teaching and his videos. Little did I know that there were some 1500+ other videos to learn from as well. Cory says "Sight-Reading & Harmony" has a lifetime of material in it. Well for me, probably several lifetimes and when coupled with all the other material on the site I know I’ll never stop learning and improving my piano playing. The sight is called "The Well Rounded Pianist" and it wasn’t until writing this testimonial the I realized why. I have tried some other piano teachers and sites and while they all had their pluses, one big negative was the lack of scope. They all concentrate on one specific area, whether it be simply teaching pieces or running through scales at break neck speed for example. "The Well-Rounded Pianist" coupled with "Sight-Reading & Harmony" covers it all, from theory to drills, to specific exercises that Cory has developed to help your fingers navigate the keyboard, to pieces performed at regular and slow motion, plus much more that I’m not aware of, as I have only scratched the surface of the sight. All of his teaching is practical and musical, he even stresses the musical nature of scales, something I had not considered, usually worrying about speed. I guess I’ve run on long enough, can you guess, I recommend WRP!



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