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Greetings from The Well-Rounded Pianist presented by BachScholar® (one of YouTube's most popular and trusted classical piano channels). Dr. Cory Hall & his wife Marilyn (who have 60 years' combined teaching experience!) provide an educational forum for students, teachers, and inquiring minds to learn piano, theory, and more. We offer our exclusive members in-depth video lessons, which include videos on Dr. Hall's new, best-selling book Sight-Reading & Harmony, videos on Dr. Hall's forthcoming books, general piano lessons, lessons on ragtime, music theory lessons, and historical pianist videos (with forum discussions). To summarize, this site offers the piano lovers of the world a wealth of learning resources and opportunities for growth and connects like-minded learners through a forum.

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Sight-Reading & Harmony (Part 3)

p. 26, 28 -- Major & Minor Scales

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Here is a list of some of the most important areas in which a classical pianist should be proficient to be considered "well-rounded":

  • Reading music, and especially, sight-reading
  • Ability to play scales, arpeggios, cadences, etc.
  • Knowing the main time signatures and reading rhythm
  • Knowledge of the stylistic periods (i.e., "Baroque")
  • Knowing the main composers' stylistic traits (history)
  • Working knowledge of musical harmony (theory)

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