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Phenomenal teaching at a bargain of a price. I love this website!

Cory has taken piano learning on the internet to a new level. His inspiring and thoughtful way of presenting theory, exercises, and music is spot on. Even the exercises he presents are pieces of beautiful music which makes them a pleasure to work on. I would recommend anyone looking for a comprehensive method and approach to learning piano to try out “The Well-Rounded Pianist.”

I love “The Well-Rounded Pianist” and its entire pedagogy. It makes a lot of sense to spend time building sight-reading skills using chorale excerpts and hymns. I’ve been practicing with “Sight-Reading & Harmony” and the accompanying videos for about 8 months, focusing on scales and sight-reading at Grade 1. I feel I am progressing well with both and that in a couple months I will be ready to move on to Grade 2.

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My mission in life is to teach to the best of my abilities all aspects of piano and musicianship to aspiring students around the world. I love teaching piano to students of all ages and levels, and especially, to beginners. I want to be your personal professor.” — Cory Hall, D.M.A. (pianist, teacher, publisher, best-selling author)

Author and publisher of the world’s leading system of sight-reading on keyboard instruments, “Sight-Reading & Harmony,” Dr. Cory wants to help you become a better pianist whether you are beginning, intermediate, or advanced. Join “The Well-Rounded Pianist” (WRP) today and gain access to over 1000 videos that accompany Hall’s best-selling sight-reading system, plus more. Currently, WRP features over 2200 private video lessons and lectures not publicly available on YouTube! View sample videos here!

With graduate degrees from the Eastman School of Music (M.M. in piano) and the University of Kansas (D.M.A. in piano, M.M. in music history), Cory has become one of top teachers in the internet era, both as a teacher via Skype to students worldwide (full time since 2012) and as the founder of one of the world’s largest online piano learning websites, WRP (est. 2017). You may already know Cory from his renown on the “BachScholar” YouTube channel, where he has produced classical and ragtime piano performances and tutorials since 2008. Known for his warmth of tone, technical precision, economy of motion, no-nonsense interpretations, and ability to explain key concepts easily and efficiently, Cory is often regarded as “the pianist’s pianist” and “the teacher’s pianist.”

In addition to performing and teaching, Cory is founder and editor-in-chief of BachScholar Publishing (est. 2012), which specializes in books and resources for pianists. You are invited to check out our premium BachScholar® Editions here:  Hardcopy or Downloads.

In addition, Cory is also a contributor and consultant to the popular website, Piano Marvel, where you may use their impressive play-along app to practice Sight-Reading & Harmony as well as other fine BachScholar® publications! Simply create your account with Piano Marvel using BachScholar’s personal promo code BACH and receive a recurring monthly discount! Then, look for BachScholar’s publications and practice away! Finally, get the best of both worlds by joining WRP today and let Cory be your personal professor!

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