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To gain access to hundreds of invaluable video lessons and performances (not available publicly on YouTube) that accompany Dr. Hall's best-selling 220-page book Sight-Reading & Harmony, simply click Join Us on the secure link above and follow the instructions! 

In September, 2017 Dr. Hall's long-awaited and anticipated book Sight-Reading & Harmony was published. Hall's groundbreaking piano sight-reading system, which incorporates the four-part chorales of J.S. Bach and is trademarked as the 5-Tier System of Four-Part Hymns & Chorales™, is destined to become an international best-seller as well as an indispensable companion to piano teachers and students. Sight-Reading & Harmony was written for and can be used by an incredibly broad range of readers -- from total beginners learning to read music at the keyboard, to college-level harmony and ear training students, to conservatory-trained concert artists. Because he cares so much about teaching and educating aspiring pianists and theory students, Dr. Hall is in the process of recording nearly 1000 video lessons and performances which accompany Sight-Reading & Harmony (during August and September of 2017) so that the ENTIRE 220-PAGE BOOK will be recorded on videos! 

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