Hello and Greetings to All:

My name is Dr. Cory Hall (you may simply call me “Cory”) and my mission in life is to help you become a better pianist, or simply, to learn the important foundations of piano if you are new to the instrument. I have playing piano since age 7 and have been teaching piano either part- or full time for 35 years either independently or at the college/university level. I specialize in classical and ragtime styles. I am also a music book publisher and best-selling author. For more information about me, please see my bio page.

You may be familiar with my popular YouTube channel, called BachScholar®, which has been in operation since September 2008. In August 2017, after realizing the limitations of YouTube, the current website was born, called The Well-Rounded Pianist (WRP). It is a fantastic site — one of the largest of its kind in the world — that offers private video lessons and lectures on all aspects of learning piano, music theory, and related topics. I try to upload several new videos each week, and the site currently features over 1800 private videos not available on YouTube. Early in 2017 when planning WRP, I envisioned it as someday becoming a huge library of pianistic knowledge and video tutorials. I think it is well on its way to this goal, and your membership and support will surely help!

I wish you musical success and hope you will consider a membership to WRP today! Finally, I invite you take a few minutes to view the video below so that you may gain a better understanding of WRP!

Sincerely, Cory Hall (D.M.A) — St. Petersburg, Florida

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