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This category features an extremely effective type of tutorial, invented by Cory in 2014 -- BachScholar's  "Super Slow" videos. BachScholar's "Super Slow" videos have become some of Cory's most popular tutorials on YouTube and serious students of piano come back to them time again for inspiration and guidance. If it is true that "a picture is worth a thousand words" then BachScholar's "Super Slow" Videos are worth "ten thousand words." One of the most valuable types of tutorials, BachScholar's "Super Slow" videos aim to recreate normal up-to-speed performances with ALL the musical elements (articulation, dynamics, pedaling, expression, etc.), the only difference being that they are played at half instead of full speed. This helps pianists learning the works to get past the "note learning" stage, to put everything together, and finally make music out of what the composer has written on the page. One of the biggest errors made by piano students is attempting to play at full speed too early in the learning process. Practicing at about 50% speed is the ideal speed (once all the notes, rhythms, fingerings, are learned) at which all the elements can finally be combined into one coherent musical whole. This is because slower than 50% speed can be highly tedious and counter-productive, while faster than 50% can lead to musical carelessness and technical sloppiness. Once the work is as perfect as can be at 50% speed, then this is the time to begin gradually speeding it up incrementally to full speed.

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