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Dr. Cory Hall has 35 years' experience teaching piano and throughout this period he has developed what may be referred to as "systematic piano technique," which will be published over the next few years in the multi-volume "BachScholar® Piano Method." Most piano teachers have a limited approach to teaching technique; however, Cory has developed a highly thorough and effective approach that incorporates traditional exercises (such as scales and arpeggios) as well as his own original exercises. Cory's approach to learning technique is not merely that of "play faster" as the overly-simplistic way many pianists view technique, but rather, is more systematic and theory-based. That is, Cory's philosophy of piano technique is more a holistic combination of "theory" and "technique" rather than merely the ability of achieving high velocity. Cory wants nothing more than to help aspiring pianists become complete and well-rounded by teaching them his complete technical system.

Please enjoy three of Cory's most popular YouTube technique videos: 1) Franz Liszt's "Scales in Chords"; 2) Carl Tausig's "Study 91" from "Daily Studies for Piano"; 3) Cory Hall's "Better Than Hanon":    

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