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Dr. Cory Hall has 11 years' experience as a church organist where he usually played three hymns per service, two services every Sunday. In addition, he accompanied the choir on piano for anthems and specials. This is a lot of hymn playing and accompanying! Cory loves all types of hymns, especially the old classics of yesteryear that your grandmother used to sing. Most piano teachers ignore hymns and all the modern method books ignore them as well, which is unfortunate, since hymns (along with Bach chorales) are the single best style of music for learning chords and building strong sight-reading skills. But even more important than this, classic church hymns are beautiful and rewarding to play and if you are a Christian believer (as Dr. Hall is) they are soothing for one's soul filling it with the Holy Spirit. There is no place better than The Well-Rounded Pianist for learning how to play church hymns!

Please enjoy Cory playing a selection of hymns for the Christmas Season:      

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