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To gain access to helpful video lessons on Bach's four-part chorales, simply click Join Us on the secure link above and follow the instructions!

Dr. Cory Hall is the world's leading proponent of playing Bach's beautiful four-part chorales on the piano -- for example, refer to Cory's Bach Chorale Playlist on YouTube! It seems that all other teachers have ignored them, and thus, students rarely if ever become exposed to them. None of the method books use Bach's beautiful chorales either, which means virtually no pianists ever learn them in their formative years. Bach's four-part chorales are still studied intensely in college and university theory classrooms, yet for unexplained reasons they have been all but overlooked and ignored by virtually all piano teachers and music publishers. Not so with the ever trail-blazing Dr. Hall! You will become a better pianist, musician, and sight-reader if you spend quality time on Bach's masterpieces of harmony, and Cory wants to show you how!

Please enjoy two four-part chorales played by Cory on YouTube:

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