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The Well-Rounded Pianist (hereafter referred to as "WRP") was founded in 2017 by Dr. Cory Hall (of YouTube fame) and his wife, Marilyn. After Cory's success on YouTube since 2008 -- with over 1000 piano performances and tutorials of over 40 million total views and 20,000 daily views -- WRP was created to provide a platform for focused piano teaching and learning. WRP's focus is instructional videos that cover a broad range of categories -- namely, many styles and composers of classical piano, the teaching of piano, some ragtime and early jazz, music theory, music history, and other areas. Most of the videos on WRP are not available publicly on YouTube and are viewable by WRP members only. In general, the BachScholar® YouTube channel (all free) is dedicated to performances while WRP (subscription) is dedicated to specialized tutorials and learning. In addition, WRP uses a special system of organization making videos easy to find, as opposed to the BachScholar® YouTube channel, which cannot be as systematically organized due to YouTube's generally confusing format.

WRP is the ideal site for: 1) piano students of all ages who wish to supplement their weekly lessons with an additional valuable resource; 2) up-and-coming and less experienced teachers who seek new inspiration and ideas from two piano teaching veterans with 60 years' combined teaching experience; 3) self-learners who seek quality learning material in all areas of piano.   

The Index Page (on the drop-down page below "About" on the top menu) lists all the video content belonging to the categories listed and explained below, that is, the entire video content on WRP.  

  • SIGHT-READING & HARMONY (SR&H) -- This category consists of video lessons on Dr. Hall's (aka "Cory's") complete textbook, Sight-Reading & Harmony (2017, BachScholar Publishing), which incorporates Bach's four-part chorales into an effective system of sight-reading. Cory provides over 900 videos accompanying his best-selling 220-page book, which is indispensable to all serious students and teachers of piano and musical harmony, and especially, teachers and students interested in studying and benefitting from Bach's magnificent four-part chorales. GET THE BOOK HERE! 
  • THE BACHSCHOLAR® PIANO METHOD -- This category features curricula and video instruction for BachScholar's relatively new and comprehensive method (in development since 2012) that focuses on technique, theory and ear training, sight-reading, and other skills traditionally neglected or overlooked by most other methods and systems.
  • RAGTIME -- This category features video lessons of walk-throughs, explanations, and analyses of piano pieces from the great "classic ragtime" era of 1900-1920. Cory's ragtime performances, particularly Scott Joplin, are now legendary throughout the world. Cory has been the most-watched and most-respected ragtime pianist on YouTube since 2008. Cory grew up playing ragtime in the 1970's and has always returned time again to the style that resides in his "blood." Cory's knowledge and expertise in practicing and performing classic ragtime works is profoundly infectious and is guaranteed to make YOU a better ragtime pianist!  
  • LESSON PLANS & METHODS -- This category features lesson plans, surveys of piano methods, and recommended books for piano students organized by levels or grades. This category is especially helpful and valuable for teachers who wish to gain new insight and resources as well as for self-learners not currently enrolled in private lessons who wish to gain direction and guidance. 
  • MUSIC THEORY -- This category features video lessons on all aspects of music theory and ear training for all levels from beginning to the college level. In addition, hymns, chorales, fugues, sonatas, and other standard piano works are discussed and analyzed according to harmony (chords), form, and rhythm. Cory is not only a pianist but also an expert at music theory, and he wants nothing more than to share his expertise with students and teachers so that they can understand the inner workings of music, and in the process, become better pianists! 
  • PIANO CLASSICS TUTORIALS -- This category features video lessons of walk-throughs, explanations, and analyses of standard works in the piano repertoire with an emphasis on popular, intermediate-level works that appeal to the majority of piano students and teachers. Cory's and Marilyn's knowledge of piano literature is profound and vast, which makes their educational videos on standard piano classics something aspiring pianists will not want to miss!  
  • SUPER SLOW™ VIDEOS -- This category features an incredibly useful and educational type of video lesson, invented by Cory and featured on the BachScholar® YouTube channel. Cory plays classic piano works at about half speed (as close to half speed as he can achieve) with an overhead camera view, which intends to convey to the student ALL the nuances of performance with the only difference being half instead of full tempo. They have become some of Cory's most popular videos on YouTube and serious students of piano come back to them time again for inspiration and advice. 
  • CHORALES & HYMNS -- This category features video lessons of walk-throughs, explanations, and analyses of four-part chorales by J.S. Bach as well as standard three- and four-part church hymns, which are featured prominently in The BachScholar® Piano Method. Three- and four-part hymns, and especially Bach's masterpieces of harmony, the four-part chorales, offer more benefits to piano study than any other style. Bach's four-part chorales represent the ultimate pinnacle of piano playing. Cory wants nothing more than to introduce the beauty and benefits of Bach's chorales to the masses of pianists who have never heard or played them.
  • SURVEY OF GREAT PIANISTS -- This category features biographical information, video footage, and audio recordings of the great pianists of yesteryear to the modern day from the great artists of the pre-WW2 era, like early Arrau and Horowitz, to the great artists who rose to prominence in the post-WW2 years, like Richter and Gilels, to more modern legends, like Gould. Listening to, comparing and contrasting, and reveling in legendary pianists' recordings is eternally fascinating and rewarding, which provides the "icing on the cake" for the nurturing of the truly "well-rounded" pianist! 


  Cory & Marilyn      Cory & Marilyn with pianist, Richard Dowling   Cory teaching via Skype (from the U.S. to the U.K.)

ABOUT CORY:  Dr. Cory Hall is one of the world's most sought-after and respected piano teachers, having produced over 1000 performance and tutorial videos for YouTube since 2008 on the BachScholar® YouTube channel, which currently has over 80,000 subscribers around the world and whose videos have a current total of over 40 million views. He currently has over 30 years' piano teaching experience. Cory, arguably one of the most "well-rounded" pianists in the world (hence, the title of the current website), has expertise in an impressively wide variety of areas including:  general classical piano music, sight-reading, music theory and composition, music arranging, music engraving and typesetting, music publishing, Bach chorales, church hymns, ragtime, systematic piano technique. Four years after achieving fame on YouTube, in 2012, he established his Skype teaching business. In just a couple years Cory built up a full studio of students from Australia to Norway to Hong Kong with a waiting list currently over six months long. He has taught students of all ages (currently his youngest is 7 and oldest is 82!) in over a dozen countries and most of the 50 United States. Currently, both Cory and his wife Marilyn (who has 25 years' teaching experience) teach lessons via Skype worldwide to students of all ages and levels. Cory holds the Doctor of Musical Arts and Master of Music in Historical Musicology (Music History) from the University of Kansas, Master of Music in Performance and Literature (Piano) from the Eastman School of Music, and Bachelor of Music (Piano) from California State University, Sacramento. Between his residencies at Eastman and the University of Kansas, Cory taught piano for three years at the Musikschule Wilhelmshöhe, a community music school near Kassel, Germany, where he learned fluent German and became immersed in German culture. Cory served for 11 years as an adjunct professor at two colleges (St. Petersburg College, Eckerd College) as well as 11 years as church organist (Anona United Methodist Church in Largo, Florida) until resigning from all posts to focus on the founding and development of BachScholar Publishing, LLC, and the establishment of the registered trademark, BachScholar®. His comprehensive list of piano teachers and masterclass mentors include:  Aline Asmundson, Louise Savage, Gene Savage, Thomas Gentry, Bradford Gowen, David Burge, Richard Reber, John Perry, Daniel Pollack, Nelita True, Claude Frank, Abbey Simon. Cory is a member of Grace Lutheran Church (LCMS) in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he plays piano for the Saturday evening services.

ABOUT MARILYN:  Marilyn Hall began her musical studies in St. Petersburg, Florida at the age of 5 under Eileen Mattioli, and currently has 25 years' piano teaching experience. During her formative years, she participated in numerous recitals, Florida State festivals, competitions, church and chamber groups. She continued her studies with Mrs. Mattioli until age 18 and subsequently as a piano performance/pedagogy major with Professor Larry McCann at St. Petersburg College and Dr. Averill Summer at the University of South Florida. In addition to holding degrees in piano performance/pedagogy, Marilyn has also earned a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and a Masters Degree in Psychology. While teaching private piano at "Mattioli School of Music and Arts", she also worked full-time for a major Fortune 500 Corporation for 17 years. Marilyn has also studied clarinet, violin, and cello. Her violin and cello studies were under renowned cellist and pianist Christine Hartley with whom she helped facilitate a children's orchestral strings group. Marilyn currently teaches students of all ages and levels worldwide via Skype from the Hall's home in St. Petersburg, Florida. Marilyn is a member of Grace Lutheran Church (LCMS) in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she plays piano (shares with Cory) for the Saturday evening services.     

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