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In September, 2017 Dr. Hall's long-awaited and anticipated book Sight-Reading & Harmony (get the HARDCOPY or PDF) was published. Hall's groundbreaking piano sight-reading system, which incorporates the four-part chorales of J.S. Bach and is trademarked as the 5-Tier System of Four-Part Hymns & Chorales™, has quickly become the #1 best-seller on the BachScholar® website, has become the world's #1 sight-reading system, and has become an indispensable companion to piano teachers and students. Sight-Reading & Harmony was written for and can be used by an incredibly broad range of readers -- from total beginners learning to read music at the keyboard, to college-level harmony and ear training students, to conservatory-trained concert artists. In just three months since its release, it was already adopted as a main piano/theory text by several colleges and universities. "The Well-Rounded Pianist" is the official website of Sight-Reading & Harmony, which currently offers over 900 instructional videos covering the entire 220-page book!

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